Wedding Coordination


you can’t afford not to 


A wedding is a huge investment of your time, money, resources and energy. But what about when the big day comes? Don’t you want someone there to make sure it all happens flawlessly? Rather than asking a friend or relative to be in charge, we ensure your plans are carried out smoothly and discretely and are there to handle any problems that may arise. We act as the liaison between you, your venue, vendors, and guests in a process that starts two months prior to your wedding so that you can fully enjoy every aspect of your day. 

As the client, you can choose the number of hours of service you need for your unique wedding day. Packages range from eight, ten, and twelve hours. You choose when and where we start depending on what level of support you need on your wedding day.




In addition to the number of hours of on-site coordination on your wedding day, package pricing includes:

  • one hour for an in-person, details meeting (8-12 weeks prior to your wedding)
  • one hour for a venue visit/walk thru with the couple (2-4 weeks prior to your wedding)
  • creation and fine tuning of your wedding day timeline and detail sheets
  • one hour for a wedding rehearsal (1-2 days prior to your wedding)
  • wedding coordinator on-site from 8-12 hours on your wedding day
  • all e-mail, text, and phone correspondence between the couple and the coordinator leading up to wedding day
  • creation and fine-tuning of your personalized wedding day timeline, vendor contact list, floor plans, guest seating, meal choices, transportation schedules and day of logistics
  • review of all vendor contracts for parking allotments, meal specifications, set-up requirements, overtime hours, etc.
  • confirmation with all vendors prior to your wedding day

2024 Pricing Starting at $3,050

2025 Pricing Starting at $3,250

If you need additional help in planning the details of your wedding day, we can customize an add-on package to give you the help and support you need with other wedding planning and tasks.